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Active Directory Assist:

Securely manage Active Directory on the Go! Absolutely NO server component required.

What users are saying about ADAssist
Mitchet from UK
Nice clean interface, simple to use.
Haydn & Cassandra from Australia
Just downloaded and run this app on a Education Queensland Computer Network on my iPad. Entered my Administrator Username/Password and my DC. I was then able to search for users , groups, add users to groups, and most importantly CHANGE PASSWORDS! This is a fantastic free app and can do everything that most staff members would ever need to be able to. Thoroughly recommended. Keep up the great work.

AD Assist turns your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch into an Active Directory Management tool, no matter where you are.

AD Assist provides a clean and intuitive user experience to search and manage your users, computers , groups and contacts. It also provides reports to find "Locked accounts", “Soon to expire passwords “ and “Soon to expire accounts”.

AD Assist provides an end to end, secure and encrypted access to your Active Directory over Wifi or Cellular networks, using direct connection or via VPN. This solution is completely agent less, with absolutely no software installation or changes required on your domain controllers or in your Infrastructure.

Imagine managing your co workers accounts right in front of them while chatting in the cafeteria or walking in the hallways. Or imagine, being far away from office, and needing access to Active Directory immediately, just download this app and immediately manage your Active Directory within minutes.

Use the “Soon to Expire passwords” report to surprise your Senior Management with pro-active password reset before they leave on a business tour.

Balance your work and life, Attend to help desk requests while on the Go. AD Assist is an ideal solution for IT professionals and IT enthusiasts.

*** The app is free to download. Certain features such as managing "Groups" or "Non Admin Users" require one time upgrade to unlimited version. ****

Evaluate features within your network, with a fully functional FREE app that manages Contacts, Computers, and protected group users like Domain Administrators.

We have more exciting features on the roadmap. So stay tuned. We welcome any and all feature ideas or suggestions.

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Active Directory is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. This application is developed by a third party developer with no input or advise by Microsoft Corporation

Features :

  • Manage users, computers, groups and contacts
  • View and edit attributes of users, computers, groups and contacts.
  • Manage user actions such as Password Reset, Unlock, Account Expiry and other account management options.
  • Add or remove users to and from groups.
  • Enable and Disable user accounts.
  • Manage Computers and Contacts.
  • Manage Groups and its membership.
  • Generate quick reports to find Locked Accounts, Expired Accounts and Password Expiry.
  • Industry standard Kerberos V5 support which is an integral part of Active Directory to keep all communication encrypted and secure.
  • Supports Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 2008 R2.
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